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We contribute to “healthy longevity”, “active lifestyles”, “food safety and security” and “food waste reduction”.

As the functional food business division of a pharmaceutical company and under our philosophy “helping people lead healthier, happier lives”, we provide high quality and unique products that fulfill the demands of society, making the most of our advanced research and development capabilities, manufacturing and quality control expertise.
Since the establishment of Functional Food Division in April 1961, we have always been providing products fitted to social situation and consumer trend. Recently, consumers demand more diverse added value for food. Going forward, we will quickly adapt to continuous changes of consumer needs and propose highly original functional food ingredients.

Kenro Kobayashi

Kenro Kobayashi
Director, Member of the Board
Functional Food Division

Outline of functional food division in Nippon Shinyaku

Product Portfolio Health food ingredients
Preservatives / Shelf life improvers
Protein preparations
Spice and condiments
Application Health food
Meat processing
Fish processing
Dairy product
Prepared food
Confectionery and Bakery
Nutritional Food
Sales offices Marketing Planning Dept.(Kyoto)
East Japan Sales Dept. (Tokyo)
West Japan Sales Dept. (Kyoto)
Research laboratories Food Development Laboratories
Manufacturing plant Tajima Shokuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Sioe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Nippon shinyaku
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Company History

1919 Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd. is founded.
1961 Food Division is founded.
“Spice Kenda” is launched.
1964 “Onion-conc (liquid onion concentrate)” is launched.
1965 “NetoKiller (sorbic acid based preservative)” is launched.
Enter into food preservative market.
1966 “Capsicum extract Kenda” is launched.
1970 Construction of Food Development Laboratories is completed.
1972 “K series (shelf life improver)” is launched.
1974 Sodium caseinate is launched.
Enter into protein market for meat processing industry.
1996 Garcinia extract is launched.
Enter into health food market.
2008 Enter into nutritional food market.
2011 The 50th Anniversary
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